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Me, behind those lens

I am a photographer who found myself enjoying being behind the camera. I have been taking pictures since I could hold a camera properly.


​Although, I do a lot of weddings, I do different types of portraits as well. For a lot of people, they say weddings can be very hard and stressful I attend to make them fun and exciting.  Getting to know my clients is the most important thing to do, because, I have to create their own special moments into their memories no matter what. 

A little about me.... I was born in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and traveled all around the world. Somewhere along the road I settled down in Colorado and I went to college and got a degree in Arts and majored in Business Management. I decided that putting them both together would be a great adventure for me. I truly am inspired to making moments into memories.


                           ~The best part of memories is making them~ 

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Fort Collins Small Business Owner

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