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Children Portraits

Photographing children is the most rewarding photo session I am pleased to do, and they are our future!  Interacting with the children and getting their most natural responses is the best!  I love watching them play and be themselves and capturing those precious moments. The best compliment I receive so far from one of my clients is “you captured their smile when no one else could”! It just made me feel all warm inside. I am a parent myself and capturing moments with little ones is so rewarding and beyond explaining. 

When I photograph children I give all of my time and energy toward them!  Photographing children requires lots of patience, silliness, and enthusiasm all in one!  I always make sure I get to their level and talk with them for a few minutes and introduce myself and all of my silliness to go with it before I take pictures of them, getting to know them is very important for them and myself. I might be a stranger at first, but at the end I love being their new best friend.  I like to find something to connect with them before letting them see my camera.  I shoot with a tripod because it allows me to have a hands free interaction with the children by throwing a ball, using a squeaky toy, making silly faces, play-peek-a-boo, or  tossing a stuffed animal in the air and just allows me a bit more freedom to be really silly! 

Back to School
Outdoor Mini Sessions
with/without desk

Legacy Park: Natural Area

Hello and welcome to Back to School portraits in the outdoors! I do a variety for all children ages. Every year is a magical time for your children to learn new and exciting things. As they grow you want to capture those special moments that make them unique. I love capturing moments like those because to me that shows the personality of each child and I let children be themselves whether its being fun at play or showing all of their cuteness into several moments. The antique desk and books are included to give that school portrait look. (If your child is able to sit on their own) 

  • Each session is 30 minutes and I take unlimited photos.

  • I do include a 5x7 template collage for ready to print for you in your gallery.

  • When booking an appointment session, a retainer fee will be asked to save your date. Sessions will need to be fully paid by 3 days before the event.

  • 1-4 week turn around depending on schedule and how many are being photographed!

  • All images are at full-resolution for downloads. 

30 min- Event Session includes all digital images and a 5x7 template image, all images in your gallery. Additional children have a charge as well. 

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