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Family Portraits

Animal Friendly

Chasing Epic Landscapes, Beautiful Light & Magical Moments

with Adventurous Families since 2008!

We specialize in all things with family photography including: Maternity, Newborn Portraits, Baby & Child Portraits, School Portraits, Family events such as Birthday's and all special occasions and we are often asked to photograph Extended Families Vacationing in all in Northern Colorado and it's surrounding mountains! We are are happy to travel to your vacation rental or we can show you some of our most favorite off the beaten path spots in these Beautiful Rocky Mountains!

Our Family Sessions comes with: Our first Meet & Greet Session; we can meet at any public place of your choosing, or we can discuss everything on the phone. This is a crucial part of getting to know you more, because it is to discuss the "how you want your pictures designed, taken, and where".  Some families have that special place in mind already and others like to have help finding that special place. There will be unlimited shots taken during your paid session. I have several ideas to choose from if your looking for a certain type of style. You are making the investment in custom photography and I want to provide you with high quality products that can be passed down from generation to generation. If you like I can create a Questionnaire if you are a busy type person as well.

MASTER SHOT LIST (depending on the contracted time hired for and the amount of family members)

  1. Group shot (Main objective)

  2. Parent(s) or Grandparent(s)

  3. Parent(s) or Grandparent(s) and grandkid(s)

  4. Sibling(s)

  5. Grandkid(s)

  6. Individual of whole 1st family

  7. Individual of whole 2nd family

  8. Individual of whole 3rd family and so on if more families or single(s)

  9. Grandma with granddaughter(s)

  10. Grandma with grandsons(s) option

  11. Grandpa with grandson(s)

  12. Grandma with granddaughter(s) option

  13. Individual of grandkid(s)

  14. Parents with kids individually if time allows

Adjustments can be made to adhere to your family needs as well. The master shot list is just a template to go by.  



In order to keep things looking cohesive and put together, it’s important for clients to consider their wardrobe as a large group. Here’s what I advise my extended family clients to do when choosing outfits:

  •  As a whole family choose 2-3 coordinating colors (no more than two colors and a neutral). Good examples include blue, coral, and white or mustard, purple and grey. The colors don’t need to be the same shade. Do what works for skin tones and hair for each person.

  • Next, I ask each individual family to coordinate separately. Start with mom and have her choose something she loves and feels good in, then trickle down from hardest to easiest to dress. Dress each person for their personality and taste. Everyone should feel confident and comfortable.

  • Dress to the shoes. This includes socks, as they will likely show at some point. And your shoes will definitely be in the photo.

  • Please make sure not to go too matchy. This can sometimes work for small children, but never for adults. Please no same clothing type and matching colored shirts unless you want it to look like a store employee photo. Twins can get away with it but sometimes which one is who that is.

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